April is Earth Month!

At Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony, we believe little ones deserve the best, and that includes a healthy planet to grown up in and explore! That's why we're passionate about offering a curated selection of organic and sustainable clothing and toys for babies and children.

Sustainable Style for Growing Kids

We carry a variety of brands that prioritize both style and sustainability. From Quincy Mae's organic cotton basics to Babyface and Stain & Stories playful designs crafted with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, your little one can look their cutest while feeling comfortable and knowing their clothes were made with the Earth in mind. BCI cotton ensures a focus on sustainable agricultural practices throughout the cotton lifecycle.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that requires minimal water and thrives without the use of pesticides, making it a sustainable choice for both people and the planet. Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, naturally breathable, odor resistant, and durable, perfect for keeping your little ones comfortable and happy. We partner with bamboo clothing brands, including Kickee Pants, Angel Dear, and Quincy Mae.

More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Fun!

We don't stop at clothing! We also offer a range of sustainable and eco-friendly toys that spark creativity and imagination. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Tikiri Toys: Made from sustainably harvested rubberwood, Tikiri's beautiful, handcrafted toys are built to last. Their adorable rattles and teethers are perfect for little hands and gums, while their pull toys and activity centers encourage motor skill development in a playful way.
  • Luke's Toy Factory: These innovative 3D puzzle trucks are more than just toys! Crafted from a unique, eco-friendly material that incorporates 30% recycled sawdust, they're a fun way to introduce STEM concepts and problem-solving skills to preschoolers. Plus, the chunky puzzle pieces are easy for small hands to grasp and maneuver.
  • Oli & Carol:  Playing time becomes a splashing good time with Oli & Carol's adorable and eco-friendly toys! Made from natural rubber derived from Hevea trees, these playful characters are free from PVC, BPA, and phthalates, making them safe for little ones to chew on and snuggle with.
  • Rubbabu: These delightful toys are a favorite for a reason! Crafted from 100% natural rubber and hand-painted with water-based dyes, they're soft, squishy, and safe for even the littlest bathers. Plus, their fun shapes and textures encourage sensory exploration and imaginative play.
  • Cotton Twist:  Cotton Twist is where creativity meets sustainability.  They are proud to have said goodbye to excessive plastic, and are committed to using sustainable materials & eco-friendly packaging, ensuring their kits leave a positive mark on the environment. 


Recognized for Our Sustainability Efforts

In recognition of our commitment to eco-conscious practices, Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony was proudly awarded the Sustain Evanston award in 2019. This award is presented by the City of Evanston to businesses that demonstrate a significant commitment to environmental sustainability. The program recognized the following initiatives taken at our store:

  • Reducing Energy Consumption: We have replaced all incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs and setting computers and printers to enter sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Minimizing Waste: We have sorting systems in place to maximize recycling and achieve a 90% recycling diversion rate. All our plastic and metal is recycled.
  • Sustainable Purchasing: When it comes to equipment and supplies, we make eco-conscious choices. All our paper products, including bags and wrapping tissue are made with at least 30% post-consumer recycled materials. All our equipment and appliances are ENERGY STAR, EPEAT, or WaterSense qualified, ensuring energy and water efficiency.
  • Safer Cleaning Products: We prioritize the health of our staff, customers, and the environment by using low-toxic cleaning products throughout our store.
  • Supporting Our Community: Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony is committed to being a positive force in Evanston. We strive to be a friendly-to-all business through various strategies and prioritize hiring local residents.

Shop with Confidence

When you shop at Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony, you can be confident that you're making a positive impact. We're here to help you raise eco-aware children while surrounding them with quality, ethically-made clothing and toys.

Explore our collections today and discover a world of sustainable style for your little one!


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