Miki Miette


      Miki Miette is a delightful children's clothing brand that celebrates the magic of childhood with every stitch! Founded by designer Sawako Yamauchi, Miki Miette draws inspiration from everything from sunny days spent at the beach to vibrant farmers markets, translating those playful experiences into comfortable, everyday wear for little ones. Each Miki Miette piece is thoughtfully crafted with quality materials and an extra touch of whimsy. Made with soft, breathable fabrics, Miki Miette clothing prioritizes comfort so your child can move, play, and explore with ease. Miki Miette uses durable construction techniques to ensure their clothing withstands the adventures of childhood, making them a great value for parents.  Whether it's a day at the park, a visit to grandma's house, or simply playtime at home, Miki Miette's designs capture the joy of everyday childhood experiences.