Quincy Mae


      Rooted in the beauty of early childhood, Quincy Mae elevates the essentials for newborns and toddlers. Founded by a designer with a keen eye for simplicity, the brand offers a thoughtfully curated collection of everyday wear crafted from organic cotton as well as bamboo viscose. Quincy Mae utilizes soft, luxurious fabrics and minimalist prints in a muted color palette. Their easy-to-wear silhouettes and focus on high-quality materials ensures both comfort and a touch of timeless style. 

      Maya Papaya & Tony Macarony carries a wide selection of Quincy Mae clothing, from newborn up to size 5y, allowing you to see and feel the luxurious fabrics firsthand. Shopping in person lets you find the perfect fit for your little one and discover the quality that makes Quincy Mae a favorite among parents. So come visit us and explore the world of Quincy Mae!